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Are you lost in the linguistic maze and you don’t know how to find your way out? Then I am glad you found me because I love and understand linguistic world very well and I am sure I can help you out.

My name is Lucia Púčiková and I am a plurilingual professional linguist with strong academic record and more than 5 years working experience. Languages are my specialisation and a great passion.

Before starting off my career as a professional linguist I had built up a stable educational and professional basis, which then facilitated my take-off.

Thanks to my professional experience I got to know perfectly both sides of the translation industry – from outside through the perspective of a manager and from inside through the perspective of a translator. Thus, I learnt how to provide excellence and make sure that my clients feel always confident when they entrust their projects into my hands.

TradiVari story began at a time of my life when things were changing. In work I started to feel the urge to shift from working under others to following my own ideas and making them a reality. TradiVari became the name for this new direction where I would create my own work, collaborate with new and exciting people and enjoy new possibilities and challenges that this work brings to me!

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My professional profile in brief


My working languages are:

  • Slovak
  • Czech
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

I mainly translate into Slovak, my mother tongue, from all the above listed languages. In case you are interested in other language(s), you can contact me anyway. I cooperate with a vast network of professional linguists on various international projects in different languages. So, do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any language-related request.


My fields of specialisation include:

  • EU and international affairs
  • Social affairs, Gender studies and Immigration
  • Environment
  • Business and Economy
  • Media, Marketing and Advertising
  • Tourism

I collaborate with a team of linguists who specialise in many other fields, such as chemistry, science, law, medicine and many more. Just contact me with any language-related request and I will see whether I can help you.


I work in both PC and Mac environments and I mostly use the following tools which facilitate my work and allow me to maintain consistency throughout the project:

  • CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools: Trados 2011, OmegaT
  • Microsoft programmes: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
  • Graphics and photo editing programmes: Photoshop, Lightroom
  • Desktop publishing software: Adobe InDesign
  • Subtitle editing programme: Aegisub

Thanks to these tools I can work with documents in different formats (.doc, .xls, .html, .sdlxliff, .ttx, .xml etc.).

It is always preferable to receive a document in an editable format (Word, Excel, Power Point etc.). If it is however not possible for you, I can use an OCR (optical character recognition) tool to convert your document into an editable format.


My key clients are European and international institutions, consultancies, communication and advertising agencies and universities. I assist them with translating or proofreading their websites, brochures, leaflets, articles or thesis. I help them overcome any language-related obstacle to facilitate their everyday work and enhance their global visibility. Whether they need translation, proofreading, interpretation or just an advice, I am ready to help them. I am ready to help you too!

Would you like to know what my clients say about my work? Have a look at the testimonials from some of them!