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Duolingo is a great free application that will help you learn a language. Learning a language with Duolingo is like playing a game. You lose a life when you get something wrong and you earn points when you complete a lesson. Duolingo teaches you to read, write, listen and speak. And it's extremely effective. You can learn anytime and anywhere...during your breaks, while waiting for the bus or in line at the post office. Make these moments more productive with this iPhone and Android app.


Learn vocabulary, languages, history, science, trivia and just about anything else with this very original application. Courses are available in many languages, for many languages and other subjects you might be interested in. Learn the course effectively using science-based learning techniques. Bring learning to life with mems - little snippets of imagination and humour that make things easy to remember. Earn points whilst you learn, and compete against friends. Thanks to the spaced repetition scheme you'll practice items you've learnt before again in the future - earn more points for remembering them for longer lengths of time. Memrise is available on both iPhone and Android. Take your learning on the go, with an offline mode also available for learning in all the hard-to-reach places. Have fun!

Learn Slovak

On the multilingual website you can learn to speak the Slovak language easily, quickly and completely free. This portal contains language courses at different levels (A1 and A2) with many exercises, fun games, and dictionaries - everything you need to familiarise yourself with Slovak grammar, learn new words, or even virtually interact with other users of this site. In addition, learn about Slovakia - a central European country with an interesting history, stunning landscapes, and numerous tourist attractions. This website is available in 11 languages.

This website is primarily designed for those who want to learn the Slovak language. If you are interested in the Slovak language, love to travel and explore new countries, or if you have moved to Slovakia - here you can find plenty of useful and practical information, suggestions, and interesting information about Slovakia and the Slovak language. also creates a community of those who are learning or are interested in Slovak.

It is very user friendly, animated and funny. I am sure you will love it, especially its animations :o)

You can also check to practise your Slovak even further. Enjoy :o)

Fun with language

Offer yourself a little break and have some fun. Visit this Proz forum where translators meet and narrate funny language-related stories.