How can I help you?


Do you have a document written in one language and need to have it translated into another language or into more languages? Do you need to communicate your message to audiences across the world? Let me help you with this.

The process is simple. Just send me your document and specify the following information:

  • the language(s) into which you would like to have it translated
  • the audience to which it will be addressed
  • specific requests (if there are any)

I will have a look at the document and evaluate the following aspects in order to determine the turnaround time for your translation:

  • The number of words– the main factor in determining the turnaround time
  • The difficulty of the subject– highly specialised terminology increases the time needed
  • The quality of the writing– clearly and accurately written texts are easier and faster to translate
  • The format of the document– if you have a fully editable document (eg. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.), turnaround time will be shorter; if you send me a non-editable file (eg. PDF, scanned document etc.), translation will take longer because the formatting has to be done manually.

After taking all these factors into consideration I will send you a quote and if you will be happy with it, I will proceed with the translation according to the agreed terms.

The translation of your document will be carried out by me or another professional translator who:

  • specialises in the domain of your document(whether it is finance, law, art or any other field) provable by accomplished studies in the relative field and/or pluriannual translation experience
  • is expert in the terminology requiredfor the specific document
  • translates into his native languageand thus, masters perfectly all its grammatical and stylistic aspects.

Sworn Translation

Sworn or certified translation is a translation given under oath by a translator who has been appointed and authorised by a court and is therefore able to issue sworn translations. The translator’s work involves certifying and thus guaranteeing that the final translation is a faithful reflection of the original.

Sworn translations are often necessary for all official and legal documents that have to be presented to the authorities in countries where the language in which they are written is not officially spoken.

Documents that require certified translations generally include:

  • administrative documents, which can be public (voter registration forms, marriage certificates, criminal records, crime reports etc.), private (employment certificates, references, contracts etc.) or academic (grades, qualifications, certificates etc.)
  • notarial deedsof any kind
  • legal documents(judgements, decisions, verdicts etc.)

In addition, if the translation is to be used abroad, it may also need to be legalised or apostilled. The level of certification depends on the body that has requested the translation. Moreover, the certification procedure is different from country to country. Therefore, please check which level of certification is required before requesting a quote and specify the country for which you need the sworn translation.


Perhaps you have excellent linguistic skills and are an expert in your subject, but your text lacks the last finishing touches before you have it published. There is nothing worse than realising that something has been written badly after the text has been published and nothing can be done to correct it. Before any text is published, it is advisable to ensure that it is perfect in terms of spelling, grammar and style.

Proofreading aims at ensuring that the structure, grammar, vocabulary and consistency are impeccable and that there are no typos, mistakes and foreign-language interference, such as literal translations from one language, which may not sound natural in another language. After proofreading, the text will be polished and ready for publishing.

Thanks to my professional proofreading service you can be sure that your text will be flawless and the reader will understand everything just as you wish to put it across. This service tends to be used for any type of document or text which is to be published, such as websites, information or advertising brochures and leaflets. Just send me the document and I will see what needs to be done to make sure that once you publish your document, it will be a success!

Tourist Counselling & Interpreting

I can help you organise your business trip or holiday and assist you all through the journey.

This service includes:

  • advising you on places to visit
  • booking everything for you (hotels, restaurants, museums etc.)
  • providing you with linguistic assistance and interpretation service
  • assisting you during all your trip

Enjoy your holiday and/or concentrate on your business meetings and let me take care of everything else.


Professional interpretation service is crucial for a smooth and successful course of your event or business meeting. Interpretation service that is not of the top quality may jeopardise your event and may damage your reputation.

Interpreters with whom I collaborate are highly qualified professionals and experts in their fields who know their work well. They will be definitely an added value during your business meeting or a conference and they will help you communicate with ease.

TradiVari offers interpretation services in many countries of the world. According to your needs, you can choose between these types of interpretation:

  • Simultaneous interpretation- when the interpreter translates the speech inside a booth at the same time as it is spoken so that the audience can follow the speech simultaneously through headphones. This type of interpretation is recommended at congresses, conferences and events where the audience does not share a common language. Simultaneous interpreting is the most advanced and complicated form of interpreting. It is also the most dynamic and flexible form for participants.
  • Consecutive interpretation- when the interpreter translates the speaker’s words little by little during brief pauses that the speaker deliberately makes. This form of interpreting increases the length of the event which can easily end up lasting twice as long. This type of interpretation is recommended at meetings, interviews, trials (sworn interpreting) and events where the audience speaks a common language which is different from the speaker’s.
  • Liaison interpretation- is usually used as a link between two people or small groups of people who speak different languages. To avoid chaos, this kind of interpreting is not used for more than four or five people in total. It is recommended at business meetings.
  • Whisper interpretation or “chuchotage”- is when the interpreter translates into a language which the majority of the participants understand. The speaker and the participants speak normally without any pauses and the interpreter translates for his customer in a low voice – whispering – what is being said at the meeting. Occasionally, the interpreter will also translate what the client has to say for the other participants. Whisper interpreting is recommended for meetings, interviews, conferences and events where the audience and speaker share a language which is different from the client’s.

Please contact me for more information. According to your needs, we can discuss in details what would be the best type of interpretation for your event.

Should you need more assistance with the organisation of your event, I can also provide you with the necessary technical equipment and event management.

Technical Equipment and Event Management

It is certainly not an easy task to organise an event where more languages are involved. You need to find suitable premises with the right size, book a team of interpreters, set up technical equipment (with booths for interpreters, in the case of simultaneous interpretation - inside or outside the conference room according to its size, microphones, headphones etc.), coordinate all the units throughout the event and ensure a pleasant experience for speakers and audience.

If you are not experienced in organising events or simply prefer to concentrate on the content of the event, let me help you with arranging all the rest for you. Get in touch with me, via email or phone, and let me know what kind of event you have in mind. I will then prepare a tailor-made scenario for you, making sure that your event will be a success!

Language Classes

Learning a language may be fun and enjoyable. I am passionate about languages and want to make sure to pass that passion onto you. Everyone can learn a language! You just need to start and the world will open up in front of you!

What language would you like to learn? In collaboration with a team of teachers, I can offer you English, French, Slovak and Czech language classes.

Would you like to learn or improve one of these languages? Do you need to brush up on the grammar rules or rather improve your speaking or writing skills? Just phone me or email me, so that we can see together what kind of classes would be the best for your needs and linguistic level. If you are not sure about your level, we can have a chat and will figure it out in no time.

I will look forward to hearing from you (you can talk to me in any of the above languages) !